Top 10 things to do in Philadelphia PA

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July 27, 2017
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September 22, 2017

Top 10 things to do in Philadelphia PA

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Top 10 things to do in Philadelphia PA

City of Brotherly Love or Philadelphia is the largest and gorgeous city in the Pennsylvania. Among the top ten populous cities of the USA, it comes at number six. The history of the place is very rich and it was the second largest colony of the old British Empire. There are many ideas, that sparked a quest for the independence from the British and the American Revolution were birthed first within the borders of the city. Once the national capital of the country and the home of the Benjamin Franklin, you will find the abundance of top ten things to do in Philadelphia PA.

Independence Hall

No trip to Philadelphia would be complete without visiting the birth place of Constitution and the declaration of the independence. In the museum, you will find the “Rising Sun” chair of George Washington and many other signs of history.

Liberty Hall

If you are very much interested to explore the world of history then Liberty Hall is the must visit place for you in the Independence National Historical Park. The liberty bell center presents a video about the historic liberty bell.

Reading Terminal Market

Travelling without food is merely impossible and to satisfy your appetite you must go to the Reading Terminal Market. This is a complete foodie place where you may find the foods from the different cuisine of the world. Don’t miss to taste the Amish Donuts here.

Philadelphia Zoo

It is the oldest zoo in America with 2000 of animals and it is a complete entertainment destination for the kids.

Hop and Hop on city tour

It is an open top tour or sightseeing option for the city with a double Decker bus. You can visit top 27 places of Pennsylvania in an exciting way with the tour.

Tour of Amish country

It is the oldest and amazing Amish settlement to explore in a nine hours tour and Dutch country side is really something to remember for entire life.

Hot air balloon tour

It is really a picaresque tour and can be the best romantic tour for you if are riding with your love ones and going to propose her on your tour.

Dinner Cruise

If you want to make your tour a lifetime experience, you can choose the cruise tour on the Delaware River to enjoy the amazing evening of the city.

Tour on the horse drew carriage

You can Walk on the history and explore the culture of the city with this unique tour.

Rock the dance floor

In Pennsylvania, you will find an amazing night life and dance clubs to kick up your heels on the dance floor. 


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