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West Chester Pennsylvania

Deep-rooted History of West Chester Pennsylvania to explore

West Chester

West Chester Courthouse

West Chester is a county seat and the borough of the Chester County of Pennsylvania. According to the census of 2010, the population was 18,462. Within the certain borough, you will find the West Chester University and also the government of Chester County. 

It is a small town of Pennsylvania and the population is also very little. It is located 15 miles north of the Wilmington of Delaware and also approximately 23 miles West of the Philadelphia of Pennsylvania. This was incorporated officially in the year of 1799 and became the seat of the Chester County in the early period of the year 1786. There are many popular personalities who grew up in this place like Jim Furyk, Bayard Rustin, Joseph Hemphill, William Darlington, Normal Braman and Samual Braman.


History to explore

The history of the place is rooted back in 1762 and it has been started with issuing the license of building the tavern by Phineas Gage.


This area was known as Turk’s Head originally and the name was the name of the inn that was there and still locates in the borough center. Till the year 1786, it was the seat of the government of the Chester County. Then the seat has been moved from Chester that known as Delaware County now. West Chester has incorporated actually in the year of 1799. At the heart, if the county you will find the courthouse, which is a building of classical revival that designed by Thomas U. Walter in 1840. He was an architect from Washington DC. Commodore International, the pioneers of the PC settled down the company headquarter in West Chester in late 20th century that was situated near a mile distance from the northeast side of the place.


West Chester was a popular center of clockmaking in the 18th Hoopes Bro. and the Darlington Company then became the main wheelworks company during late 19th Century, first for the wagons and then for the automobiles. West Chester became a resonance industrial town during the 20th century with the help of the Sharples Separator Works. During the time of World War II, this place became popular by producing more penicillin than the other parts of the country.


This place has less population, no traffic, quiet neighborhood, and low rate of crime and low cost of living. Services and goods are also affordable here and it is very much safe to stay here.


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